Belgian Society of Emergency and Disaster Medicine

Our goal as a scientific association is to promote the scientific development of emergency medicine and disaster medicine in Belgium through training, education and clinical research.

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Ready for the BeSEDiM Virtual Congress WE ARE! In cooperation with VVVS-AFIU IT IS!

GUIDELINES & BEYOND: 30 January 2021: expect the unexpected and more. Not only were we able to engage some of our finest Belgian ED speakers, both young wolves and eminence grise, we also found great international speakers willing such as Ian Roberts (CRASH trials rings a bell?), Gavin Perkins (2020 guideline chair for ERC), Ross Fisher (St.Emlyn'sblog, @ffolliett... need we say more), Jerry Nolan (a resuscitation giant), Jochen Hinkelbein (The expert in aerospace medicine) and Lionel Lamhaut (a true ECPR pioneer).

Finally, we end the day with a panel discussion about the future of Belgian EM bringing around the table all tenors of EM and dhr. Jan Bertels, member of parliament and chief of staff to mr Frank Vandenbroucke. You do not want to miss this...

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