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For their virtual congress, BESEDIM -in cooperation with VVVS / AFIU - again accepts abstracts. Deadline for submission will be 21/12/2020. Given the ‘virtual’ nature of our 2021 congress, we want you to immediately submit 2 files.

First, submit a Word file with the actual abstract in English. This abstract file needs to have a title – list of authors and main text (subheadings: introduction – methods/setting – (results) – discussion). Case reports will only be accepted if they present an ED problem rarely reported and of interest to all ED physicians.

In addition, we want you to upload a short video with your presentation. This video should be less than 5 minutes in length, using no more than 7 slides with content. This video is preferably in English but is also accepted if in French or Dutch. You can record such a video by using any available screen recording software. If you do not have yet such software, we recommend using either Loom ( or Zoom.

Please save both files in a structured manner, using the last name of the person who uploaded the file e.g. VANDEVOORDE_ABSTRACT_061120 AND VANDEVOORDE_VIDEO_061120. Add a number if you upload more than one abstract/video e.g. ABSTRACT2...

Submit an abstract