Disaster Preparedness study in European Emergency Physicians

PLEASE FILL IN THIS SURVEY - To improve emergency medicine and our disaster preparedness, it is important that we all contribute our small part.

Link to the survey: https://disaster-preparedness-...

Short description of the study:
Dear colleague,

Conducted together with leading Disaster Medicine figures from EuSEM, this survey-based research project aims at describing the current level of Disaster Preparedness among European Emergency Physicians (at post-residency level), both in EDs and in EMSs, both individually and collectively.

The current situation in Europe and worldwide makes this analysis maybe more relevant than ever. How prepared are we in fact?

Are you an Emergency Physician at specialist level? It will only take around 5 minutes of your time and will give invaluable information about how prepared we are in fact, and how we collectively can improve our disaster preparedness level in the future...

Thank you for your help!

Feel free to forward our survey to your EM colleagues! We are looking forward to sharing our results with you and the rest of the European EM community in the next few months!

Augustin Metge