24/11/2023: Data as a catalyst for better Major Trauma Care

Data as a catalyst for better Major Trauma Care, the second national meeting of Belgian Trauma Centers.

Friday 24th of November 08:30-13:15 at the University of Antwerp, Campus Drie Eiken, Building O.


08h30-09h00: Introduction

09h00-11h00: History and current status, benchmarking between different centers (process indicators) & plenary discussion (BTRI and DGU)

11h00-12h00: Break-out sessions:

· Trauma registration: tips and tricks (Chairs: DGU, UZA & AZ Groeninge)

· Registration process starting information (registration on the platform, data collection, fee)

· Prehospital data collection

· Informed consent

· From process indicators to quality improvement (Chairs: UZA, Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc & CHR de la Citadelle)

· Sharing Best Practices in Quality Improvement (based on DGU annual report)

· Interactive discussion to share insights

12h00-12h15: Feedback from break-out sessions and closure

12h15-13h15: Walking lunch